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Edinburgh Rope Access | Rope Access Edinburgh | Gutter repairs | Slate repairs

Edinburgh Rope Access

Rope Access Edinburgh

Edinburgh Rope Access – High-Level Inspections & repair works & Emergency Works to tenements


We can offer Rope Access works in Edinburgh and all over Scotland, this is a cheaper solution and best alternative to scaffolding,

We complete works for commercial and private clients, please see our list of Rope Access services in Edinburgh,  We also have 27/7 team in case you require urgent works

Water ingress, concrete corrosion, loose masonry and many other structural problems can be identified, repaired and prevented by carrying out a thorough inspection of your building. When the potentially problematic areas are at a high level, inspections are not usually effective when carried out from ground level. Our  Edinburgh rope access team are able to observe these areas close-up from stone repairs to slate repairs and gutter repairs painting works & window repairs in Edinburgh

No need for expensive Scaffolding   

We have highly trained stonemasons and roofers trained in rope access abseilers techniques.

  • Slate Repairs
  • Gutter Repairs to tenement buildings 
  • Roof Inspections
  • Rope Access Roofing & mainatinace works 
  • Pointing Works
  • Full Building Inspection
  • Building Cleaning
  • Bird Control
  • Gutter cleaning Edinburgh tenement buildings 

Rope Access is faster & cheaper solution to Scaffolding

Rope Access Building inspection & Maintenance

Edinburgh Roofing rope access & Building maintenance team of abseilers team  can carry out any roof repair  to a building without the need for scaffolding, Our access methods and years of knowledge in the roofing industry provide a extremely quick means of accessing the problem and a safe knowledge of a professional roof repair, gutter repairs or small pointing works and gutter cleaning to tenements buildings around the city centre of Edinburgh

Rope Access Roofing  have completed many gutter repairs using rope access are can assess you with slate repairs, brick repairs, mastic repairs and building inspection and High-Level gutter cleaning to tenement in Edinburgh

  • All work is fully photographed

Rope Access Stonemasons Edinburgh

We At Edinburgh Stonemasons offer Rope Access Stonemasonry & abseilers works in Edinburgh and all over Scotland,  we specialize in Stone repair & lime pointing works from rope access. We can also offer high-level inspection works using rope access methods.

We can save you money by repairing your masonry without the expensive costing of scaffolding works. We also cover window mastic repairs

Please visit our contact page for any enquirers for any  Edinburgh Rope Access needs, large or small.

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    Edinburgh Stonemasons LTD specialise in the conservation and restoration of stone buildings and structures.

    We pride ourself in been traditional stonemasons & experts in using lime mortar

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