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We are an Edinburgh and Lothian based stonemasons who experts at using lime mortor


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Welcome to Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd

We are experts in stone repairs, stonemasonry repairs, roofing repairs and also chimney repairs.  At Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd, we specialise in buildings built in Sandstone and Lime Mortar.  We are also certified to work at height and conduct high-level building inspections via Rope Access and Steeplejack Access.

WHAT WE DO? – We work with both private and commercial clients on a variety of different projects of any size, either large or small throughout Edinburgh & Midlothian.  Find out more information – who we do it for.

  • Stone repairs
  • Stone replacements
  • Chimney repairs
  • Lime Mortar pointing
  • Roof repairs
  • Rope access
  • Steeplejack access
  • Building inspections

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WHO ARE WE? – Our team at Edinburgh Stonemasons are highly qualified and expertly skilled tradesman.

Our training history is certainly extensive including training in Dalkeith Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS).  

We have attended all of the Scottish Lime Centre courses, which makes us experts in using Lime mortar .You can find out more about us here.

Recent Portfolio

Edinburgh Stonemasons use traditional techniques and materials that incorporate today’s best practices, see below projects trusted in our care

How to understand your traditional stone building in Edinburgh?

Most of the stone buildings in Edinburgh are built of relatively thick stone walls. Many of these walls are Ashlar dressed coursed sandstone pointed and built-in lime mortar.  This traditional method of building enables the structure to breathe.

A majority of the older buildings in Edinburgh have been repaired over the years using modern materials such as cement, gypsum plaster and modern paints. This has in some cases led to damaged stonework which has resulted in the need for extensive repairs.

Repairing traditional buildings with modern or non-traditional materials will accelerate stone decay.

The materials used in the construction of stonemasonry buildings in Edinburgh were sourced from local quarries such as Craigleith or Hails to name a couple.  A lot of these materials fell out of use after the 1920’s and were replaced with modern substitutes.

Looking after your stone building

Using traditional materials and having a building maintenance programme will help to preserve, enhance and prolong the life of your stone building

Chimneys – This is the most vulnerable part of the building for weathering. Most are built with Ashlar stone or rubble masonry, however, over the years we have seen that many chimneys that have been coated in cement where the stone has decayed.

Read our chimney inspection guide for further information.

Masonry Stone Repairs –  Natural stone deteriorates very slowly and may require repair or replacement over time. We carry out repairs and ensure that the repair is in keeping with the current stone and materials.

Read our stone repair guide for further information.

Lime Pointing – Many buildings in Edinburgh have been pointed in very hard cement over years which can accelerate the decay of the masonry units.  Our team are fully qualified stonemasons, in Edinburgh, who have extensive knowledge and understand the best materials to use. We ensure that we match the original material and style of pointing.

Read our lime pointing guide for more information.

Stone Boundary Walls – Stone boundary walls often require more frequent maintenance and repair.  Therefore please read more information about boundary walls here .

Loose or Unsafe Stone-Masonry – You should carry out a building inspection to your building every 3 – 5  years to ensure that it’s safe, remove any unsafe masonry and replace where applicable.

You can watch our videos on inspections here or you read about unsafe masonry here 

Looking for High-Level Building Maintenance? If so we work closely with ESM

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    T: 0131 261 6602
    A: 10 South Saint, Andrew Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AZ


    We specialise in all aspects of rope access works on Traditional and Historic structures.

    Our core service is video documented hands on safety inspections, however we also carry out minor repair and maintenance works using rope access.


    Edinburgh Stonemasons LTD specialise in the conservation and restoration of stone buildings and structures.

    We pride ourself in been traditional stonemasons & experts in using lime mortar

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