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Stone can be the most unloved part of the building that can sometimes go many years in-between inspections. It’s important to carry out a building inspection and building survey at least every five years to help care and remove loose/dangerous masonry before it falls. We at Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd Rope Access team are the only trained Stonemasons in Scotland that can help with this. We also work with a Charted Building Surveyor, which enables us to carry out detailed and specialist building surveys in Edinburgh and across the country.


Please see below some examples of loose masonry in Edinburgh.  This video demonstrates why building inspections are essential to ensuring that your building remains safe.

Stone building inspections – we are experts in our field

We deliver detailed physical inspections which are carried out by our experienced tradesman, who understand traditional buildings and know where to find loose masonry and remove it.

We can carry out the following inspections:

  • High-level video inspection
  • Physical inspection
  • A detailed report highlighting were urgent repairs are required

We have carried out multiple high-level inspections for listed buildings, historic buildings and commercial buildings in Edinburgh & Scotland.  You can see a list of our recent clients here.

Our team of trained rope access specialists can also carry out urgent repairs from rope access if required.

If you need a high-level video inspection please contact us

Unsafe masonry in Edinburgh

You can find our article at the Edinburgh Evening News highlighting why it’s important to get your building professionally inspected every five years.   Astonishingly falling masonry in Edinburgh happens every day and it’s important to make sure your building is safe.

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    We specialise in all aspects of rope access works on Traditional and Historic structures.

    Our core service is video documented hands on safety inspections, however we also carry out minor repair and maintenance works using rope access.


    Edinburgh Stonemasons LTD specialise in the conservation and restoration of stone buildings and structures.

    We pride ourself in been traditional stonemasons & experts in using lime mortar

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