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Building Inspections and Surveys

Stone can sometimes be the most unloved part of the building that sometimes goes 30 years before it was last inspected removing loose dangourse masonry before it falls. Its import you carry out building inspection & Building surveys in Edinburgh at least every five years and Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd rope access team are the only trained stonemasons in Scotland that can help with this. we also work with a charted buiding Surveyors, to cary out detailed survey of the building.


Please see below some examples of loose masonry in Edinburgh and this is why building inspection are required to make buildings safe before its to late.

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Please see below some examples of chimney repairs we can also complete any roofing works next to masonry repairs. We also have a team of trained rope access guys, that can complete most repairs using rope techniques, masonry & roofing repairs. Please see some photos of work

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