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Lime Render – Harling

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Lime Render is a lime-based cementitious mix applied to the external surface of traditionally-built stone buildings. It allows the building to breathe – as lime is porous it allows for the collection and evaporation of moisture. Lime render can be used for external protection to masonry units with poor quality stone, or highly exposed locations, were facing winds and rain is destroying the masonry units. For more information on our lime rendering services, please contact The Edinburgh Stonemasons.

Why is cement Render bad ?

Cement renders traps the moisture , witch through the action of frost and the concentration of salts accelerates the decay of the stone.

Cement-rich mortars, as these will set harder than the stone. Cement mortar is less porous than stone, so moisture gets trapped in the stone and evaporates at the stone face, causing it ti weather rapidly and over time leaves the render breaking away from the building

In addition to damaging the stone stonework, cement, rich mortar looks out of place, as it is often a gray or off-white colour which does not complement the colour of the stone.

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