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Lithomex Stone Repair Edinburgh

Lithomex Stone Repairs Edinburgh or Lithomex stone repairs By carrying out Conservation & Restoration to historic buildings within Edinburgh Area


Lithomex Stone Repairs in Edinburgh,

Lithomex Stone Repairs in Edinburgh are applied to the exsting masonry units were the surface of the exsting stone has deteriorated but is still structural intact. Lithomex has high vapour permeability, low modulus of elasticity, excellent bond characteristics and achieves early freeze-thaw resistance. Lithomex develops early strength but not such that it becomes stronger than the background.

Stone repairs in Edinburgh and lime mortar repairs are  specially formulated mortar based on Natural Hydraulic Lime and aggregates for the repair or simulation of masonry, brick or stone. Lithomex stone repair Edinburgh is a custom coloured mortar.

Why is cement Repairs bad ?

Cement repairs to masonry traps the moisture , which through the action of frost and the concentration of salts accelerates the decay of the stone over time

Cement-rich mortars, as these will set harder than the stone. Cement mortar is less porous than stone, so moisture gets trapped in the stone and evaporates at the stone face, causing it ti weather rapidly and over time leaves the pointing standing proud of the stone. Cement-rich mortar prevents the stone from expanding when warmed by the sun, causing the stone to break up more quickly.

In addition to damaging the stone cement mortar can looks out of place, as it is often a grey or off-white colour which does not complement the colour of the stone.

For more information on our stone repair Edinburgh  services contact the Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd  team on or 0131 221 6602 and we can carry out free survey of your building and highlight areas that of concern.

Experts in Stone Repairs Edinburgh

See below photos of some repairs carried out by Edinburgh stone repairs using lime based materials.

Stone Repair Mortar Steps

  • Remove old cement repairs using traditional hand tools
  • If the existing stone is to soft its recommend for stone replacement 
  • Apply base coat of minimum thickness of 5mm to maxim 40mm
  • Apply top coat minimum thickness of 5mm and leave for 5hours unto 24hours
  • Rub back to finish level and apply stone tolling to match existing stones if required
  • Cut back joints and point using lime mortar 

Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd  have many years experience using lithomex stone repair

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