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Edinburgh Chimney Repairs by the experts

Chimney Repairs in Edinburgh are the most unloved part of the building. Most have been pointed and coating in cement, due to the high level of exposure from weather condition, most of Edinburgh chimneys can be very unsafe, We can supply a full report on your chimney condition, and assist you with the best course of action.


We have restored and repaired many chimneys in Edinburgh using Lime Mortar, and stone repairs and have recently been selected to repair 31 chimneys,

Please see below some examples of chimney repairs we can also complete any roofing works next to masonry repairs. We also have a team of trained rope access guys, that can complete most repairs using rope techniques, masonry & roofing repairs. Please see some photos of works below  if you require a free estimate for your chimney repairs Edinburgh please don’t hesitate to contact us

Chimney repairs using lime in Edinburgh

Are experts in stone repair  & mortar repairs specialize in the use of traditional techniques and materials and conservation and restoration of stone chimney buildings and structures and are experts in using traditional lime mortar products on chimneys in Edinburgh, We Are the Leading company, we have completed many stone repair & mortar repair and chimney projects in Edinburgh . Our staff  attended course from  Scottish lime centre in lime pointing & winter working course, you can ensure you are selecting   leading company in chimney repair works in Edinburgh area


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