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Stonework Services from Edinburgh Stonemasons

Looking for Stonemasons based in Edinburgh Scotland who are sympathetic towards traditional construction methods? Lime is one of the most important binding components when it comes to the conservation and preservation of older buildings.

Did you know that failure to allow an old building to ‘breathe’ can cause dampness, deterioration, mould growth and human health problems?

Edinburgh Stonemasons Lime Binding Building Conservation Services

Have a chat with us if you are thinking about doing repairs to an old building, as it’s wise to use materials with similar properties to those used originally and this is where our expertise and help will be valuable to any restoration work you are intent on having done.

Get In Touch and chat your old building restoration plans with us.

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    T: 0131 261 6602
    A: 10 South Saint, Andrew Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AZ


    We specialise in all aspects of rope access works on Traditional and Historic structures.

    Our core service is video documented hands on safety inspections, however we also carry out minor repair and maintenance works using rope access.


    Edinburgh Stonemasons LTD specialise in the conservation and restoration of stone buildings and structures.

    We pride ourself in been traditional stonemasons & experts in using lime mortar

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