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Stone Repairs

What are Stone Repairs Edinburgh

Edinburgh stone repairs are one of the many solutions that we offer to our clients in and around Edinburgh.

  • Is your natural stone structure/building damaged or stone wall?
  • Are there visible cracks on your balcony or steps?
  • Do you want to get rid of unsightly stonework from your property?
  • Do you need stone repairs?

Welcome to Edinburgh Stonemasons, the right place to get all your stonework and stone structures repaired!

Out with the old and in with the new? – Well first off, less of the old and more of the ‘classic’, we have a thing for classic architecture! If your stone structure or building is damaged, you can choose to get it repaired instead of getting it replaced. Stone repairs with us are super efficient and high quality.

Why replace when you can repair? We offer a full range of specialist stone repair services.  Even the grandest Castle needs some care and attention from time to time!

We can carry out a free survey of your building and highlight areas that of concern.

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Lime mortar repair to weathered or defective sandstone where a strong bond and the ability to shape on hardening. tooled and finished to match the original masonry units 

This can some times be cheaper option than a full stone replacement

Some heritage buildings would require planning permission 

When You Need Lime-Based Products to Be Used on Your Structure

Stonemasons are workers extraordinaire when it comes to working with lime putties, hot limes, and shelter coats. Most stonemasons in Edinburgh have developed their own materials and techniques for the effective conservation of a building or structure. It doesn’t matter if you need the stonemason expertise for a historic building repair or a new building structure. 

Stonemasons will have a practical and informed approach to providing what you need across various disciplines until the job is completed to your satisfaction. 

Lime Repairs in Edinburgh 

Now you know what a stone repair is and FAQ and compelling reasons to hire us. When you need a stonemason for your building or structure, it’s essential to reach out to Edinburgh Stonemasons.

Highly skilled stonemasons that ensure you receive the highest quality of stone repair work while also staying within your budget.

There’s no one who can give you more, whether it be cutting and dressing the stone to any size or shape

The Edinburgh Stonemasons are dedicated stonemasons that are not only craftspeople, but they are also the caretakers of every building or structure that needs them. so let them bring their superior stone repair skills set and give your building or structure the stone touches it deserves.


Will a stone repair match the existing stone?

Edinburgh lime repairs can be accurately matched to the existing stone.

Using Lime Mortar to carry out stone repairs, we are able to match the existing stone with standard tools by our highly skilled craftsmen.

What is the purpose of lime in mortar?

Did you know that Lime has been used as a binder for over 2000 years. We still use Lime as the primary binder today in many mixes. Check out some of the many benefits of using Lime Mortar:

  • Excellent workability
  • High water retention – reducing cracking and water penetration into joints
  • Mortar stregnth – better accommodate structural movement
  • Freeze-thaw resistance – allows any moisture to evaporate
  • Self healing – Should hairline cracks develop, the combination of lime, moisture and carbon dioxide from the air can help to seal the crack

Added bonus! Lime Mortar has a very high degree of breatheability.  Why, I hear you ask is this a bonus.  Well it’s one of the keys to avoiding dampness and decay.

Over time stone repairs will age due to the changing of properties and appearance of materials.  This means that the stone and Lime Mortar pointing can weather with age, causing a dullness or discoloration.  Unfortunatley we all age, its all about ensuring that we age gracefully right?


We are trusted, highly skilled craftsmen, that put you and your building first!

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