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Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance Services

Different Types of Building Maintenance

  • Planned Maintenance –  involves any type of maintenance activity which is planned, documented and scheduled. The purpose of planned maintenance is to reduce the amount of time spent on large repairs by having essential resources to already example.
  • Preventative Maintenance – refers to the type of maintenance which is regularly carried out on a piece of equipment to prevent the likelihood of it breaking. This type of maintenance is performed whilst the equipment is still operational so that it doesn’t breakdown unexpectedly. For example, oil changes on your car is a type of preventative maintenance. Planned and preventative maintenance activities are often merged together to become planned preventative maintenance.
  • Reactive Maintenance –  refers to repairs that are urgent and could pose danger if not dealt with.  
  • Proactive Maintenance –  is the opposite of reactive maintenance because it involves maintenance activities that are carried out to avoid failure or to identify issues which could lead to failure.
  • Scheduled Maintenance –  activity which is arranged to be completed ahead of time and within a certain period. Scheduled maintenance could either be a one-time task or a reoccurring task which is done at regular time intervals. 

Reasons why building maintenance is required are shown in this video

Watch these loose stone balustrades — yearly building maintenance could prevent this 

You can also use this very helpful Check list form Dalkeith Conservation for repair & maintenance. This should advise you about maintaining your building.

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