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Chimney Repairs

The Edinburgh Chimney Repairs Company the experts

Are you looking to save money on Scaffolding?

At Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd we offer Rope Access Stonemasonry & abseilers all over Scotland. We specialise in Stone repair & lime pointing working from height.

We can also offer high-level inspection works using rope access methods. We can save you money by repairing your masonry without the expensive cost of scaffolding works.

We also cover window mastic repairs, please visit our contact page for any enquirers for any  Rope Access needs in Edinburgh and wider Scotland, large or small.

Chimney Repairs FAQ

Look for weathered masonry units and movements, and cement patch render this is sign the chimney has had repairs before and may need further work.

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Chimney Rebuilds


We have restored and repaired many chimneys in Edinburgh using traditional Lime Mortar, lime based stone repairs.

We have rebuilt over 170 chimneys! 

Below are some examples of chimney repair work we’ve completed. We can also carry out any roofing works next to masonry repairs. We have a team of trained rope access workers that can complete most repairs using rope techniques, masonry & roofing repairs. If you require a free estimate for your chimney repairs please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Chimney repairs using traditional lime Mortar

We are experts in stone repair  & mortar repairs. We specialise in the use of traditional techniques, materials, conservation and restoration of stone chimney buildings. We conduct work on all chimney structures and are experts in using traditional lime mortar products on in Edinburgh.

Our staff attended all courses from The Scottish Lime Centre in lime pointing & winter working. We can ensure you are selecting a leading company in chimney repair works in the Edinburgh area.

Our chimney repair checklist


  1. Copes and chimney cans displaced missing or broken
  2. Pointing missing or cracks in harling
  3. Plant Growth
  4. Lead flashing or mortar fillets at chimney stalks missing or loose

Likely Cause

  1. Loose or missing cement haunching: wide damage natural deterioration
  2. High exposure, aged mortar, stone decay around construction joints
  3. Open joints in copes or chimney stalks
  4. Storm damage, timber decay beneath theft of lead

Suggested Repairs for Chimneys

  1. Replace cans to match; renew haunching; fit ventilated cowel
  2. Renewing lime pointing, repair cracks in harling with lime wash
  3. Remove weeds and treat cavities and repoint joints
  4. Check roof condition and renew lead flashing to match and repair slates