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Stonemasons Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders Stonemasons

Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd  We’re asked to carry out chimney repairs  & gable works to Blythbank House in the Scottish Borders

Both chimneys were coated in cement pointing & render that traps moisture which though the action of frost and the concentration of salts accelerates the decay of the stone. We sourced local  Swinton stone to match existing building in colour and detail,  Our highly skilled and experienced stonemasons in traditional stone restoration & conservation cut new stone and dress the stone to the required size and shape requested in Scottish Borders.

Scottish Borders Stonemasons specialise in conservation and restoration of stone buildings and structures. We use traditional techniques and materials which incorporate today’s best practices.

Lime Pointing & Chimney Rebuild 

Works included ordering over 150 new stones using local stone supplied by Hutton Stone Ltd taking down badly damaged chimney units and rebuilding using NHL limes and new stone, there was also lime pointing works to both gable ends

Please go to bottom to see photos of project 

Stonemasonry FAQ

Yes we cover the whole area

On the right is two Castle we have worked on  in Scottish Borders 

Glenmayne House

Branxholm Castle 

We have also worked at Mellerstain House and many other private jobs across the borders 

We are experts with working with natural stone on castles across the borders and have many years working with different types of  stone works

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Some Photos of other completed works in borders

          What We Do

We work with both private and commercial clients on a variety of different projects of any size, either large or small throughout borders  Find out more information – who we do it for

Most of the stone buildings in Scottish border  are built of relatively thick stone walls.

Repairing traditional buildings with modern or non-traditional materials will accelerate stone decay, this is why you need a stonemasons who has good track record 

 Many buildings in the borders area have been pointed in very hard cement over years which can accelerate the decay of the masonry.  Our team are fully qualified stonemasons,  who have extensive knowledge and understand the best materials to use. We ensure that we match the original material and style of pointing.

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