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St Cuthberts Church

St Cuthbert Church Edinburgh

St Cuthbert Church Edinburgh

Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd was commissioned to carry out stone indents on the St Cuthberts Church in Edinburgh princess gardens,  The work was carried out by three of our trained stonemasons who also specialise in stone indents to match existing details.


St Cuthbert Church


Stone replacement / indents 


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History of the church

A chapel dedicated to St Cuthburts is first mentioned in the 8th century.[ It is believed a church has definitely stood on the same site as currently used since 850 AD, making it Edinburgh’s oldest building in terms of foundation. In 1754 a Chapel of Ease was proposed for the South side of the parish, and approved by the  This chapel was opened in 1756 and accommodated 1200 people, having cost £640 and 10 shillings to construct. it was sold to the Greek Orthodox Church and is due to reopen in 2015. By 1772 St. Cuthbert’s was structurally dangerous, and in 1773–1775 (following a competition) the architect-builder James Weir, of Tollcross, built a preaching box with two tiers of galleries reached by stairs in the western projection Between 1787 and 1790 the ground to the north of the church was drained for an extension of the burial ground, and in 1789–1790 Alexander Stevens built the spire.


Our initial inspection involved conducting an exterior survey of the damaged caused by a falling tree identify areas that required repairing/replacement.  We inspected the building from the ground and also from the ropes, to ensure that we got up close and identified all areas of concern. Scaffolding was erected to carry out stone indents and stone replacement works.  By approaching the survey in this manner, we ensured that we were able to carry out an effective survey overall, utilising our expertise and years of experience in building conservation.



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