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We are bassed in Dalkeith and carry out stonemasonry repairs in midlothian using traditional materials, please contact us for lime works & stone works.

We cover the whole of Midlothian.

You can read some of our reviews and find out why we are the best stonemasons in Midlothian and surrounding areas.

We are experts in our field and always deliver an excellent service, high-quality workmanship and take great pride in everything that we do.

We purchase our stone from local stone suppliers and have highly skilled and experienced local stonemason’s , who can cut and dress the stone to any size and shape desired. Our expertise lies  in both lime works  & masonry works.

We use traditional techniques and materials which incorporate today’s best practices used today.

Our stonemasons are trained through the Scottish Lime Centre and are experts in using lime mortar and working with older properties.

We have completed many projects local to our home please see attached photos.

Stonemasons FAQ

Yes our yard is in Dalkeith and are from Dalkeith and complete many projects in Midlothian each year 

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Some local works in Dalkeith

Stonemasons Dalkeith Country Park Midlothia

Stone Repairs in Midlothian

Lime mortar stone repairs is applied to existing masonry units where the surface of the existing stone has deteriorated but is still structurally intact. Lime mortar has high vapor permeability, low modulus of elasticity, excellent bond characteristics and achieves early freeze-thaw resistance. Lime Mortar stone repairs develop early strength but not such that it becomes stronger than the background.

                                                                           Stone Wall Repairs Midlothian

Stone wall and boundary wall repairs  – We pay careful attention to the stone type, construction style, and pointing.  Repaired walls are matched to the original and new walls are built to our client’s requirement.  Please check our wall repairs work for more information and histoical projects completed.

          What We Do

We work with both private and commercial clients on a variety of different projects of any size, either large or small throughout Midlothian.  Find out more information – who we do it for.

Most of the stone buildings in Midlothian area are built of relatively thick stone walls. Many of these walls are Ashlar dressed coursed sandstone pointed and built-in lime mortar.  This traditional method of the building enables the structure to breathe.

A majority of the older buildings in the area have been repaired over the years using modern materials such as cement. This has in some cases led to damaged stonework which has resulted in the need for extensive stone repairs.

Repairing traditional buildings with modern or non-traditional materials will accelerate stone decay, this is why you need stonemasons who are experts in using lime.


           Lime Pointing in Midlothian

Many buildings in the midlothian area have been pointed in very hard cement over years which can accelerate the decay of the masonry.  Our team are fully qualified stonemasons, who have extensive knowledge and understand the best materials to use. We ensure that we match the original material and style of pointing.

Stonemasons Dalkeith Country Park Midlothia


Midlothian Stonemasons are experts in stonemasonry. We have a wealth of traditional masonry skills and use the best materials for your building’s needs.  Specialising in the conservation of historic buildings,  homes and monuments in and around the area 

Using traditional skills and NHL lime to help restore historic monuments, ecclesiastical buildings and listed properties, we take pride in prolonging the life and integrity of historic buildings.

The Edinburgh Stonemasons Helps Your Building Stay Strong

Years Of Experience

We’ve been servicing Edinburgh businesses for years, giving us a unique set of knowledge and experience. We truly understand the stonework in the city and are prepared to help you keep your building looking the way it did the day it was built. Partner with a team of true experts who have years of experience under their belts and know your building is being taken care of by the best of the best.

Private & Commercial Buildings

We don’t just limit ourselves to one type of building. After all, in a city steeped in history such as Edinburgh, you may have private buildings or castles which need stonemasonry done on them. Regardless of whether you’re a private landowner looking to restore the older property or you’re a commercial business owner whose organization needs a facelift, our team will make sure to get you taken care of.

Dedicated Experts

The team at The Edinburgh Stonemasons is dedicated to our trade. Each one of our stonemasons and repairmen is highly trained in their field. Because we focus on working exclusively with stone edifices, we bring specialized knowledge to each project and enable you to get the repairs and maintenance that you need. Know that when you work with our team, you’re getting truly dedicated and committed service.

Fast And Reliable

When it comes to building repairs, there’s no time to lose! Our team offers fast and reliable service that lets you get back in your building and resume your daily tasks in no time at all. When you give us a call, we’ll dispatch our workers as soon as possible so that you can get your building back in good shape. What’s more, we’re always on time, ensuring that you can count on a team that’s reliable.

What Sets The Stonemasons Midlothian Apart

The Edinburgh Stonemasons have been serving Dalkeith, Midlothian area  for years, giving us a solid edge over the competition. We also have a few secret ingredients that make us the best stonemasons in town.

Customer Focused

When you work with our team, you work with a customer-centric company that cares deeply about your project. We put you first in everything we do, ensuring that you understand exactly what’s being done on your building and where we’re at in the repair and building process.

Affordable Prices

We know how critical your building’s condition is to the success of your operations. That’s why we offer everything we do at affordable prices.

When you turn to The Dalkeith Stonemasons, you get the highest quality service for the lowest possible prices.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each one of our construction workers has spent years learning his or her trade so that he or she can provide you with outstanding stonemasonry.

Know that our team provides the highest quality craftsmanship, regardless of the type of stonemason work you need to be done.

Fast Service

There’s nothing so frustrating as having a building that you can’t count on.

After all, you need to be able to get your work done or handle your daily life.

When you call up the team at The Midlothian Stonemasons, you can count on a team being dispatched as quickly as possible so that we can get your stonework taken care of.

Get Started With Expert Stonemasonry

It’s time to transform your building and make it look as good as new again.

Whether you’re trying to repair your crumbling facades  or you’re wanting to install rope access or employ a steeplejack, our team is here to help.

To get started with outstanding stonemason work, all you need to do is give our team a call. As soon as you reach out, we’ll hook you up with a quote for services that allows you to get the repairs and maintenance that your building needs.

Contact our team today and watch your building transform into something that’s as good as new again.