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Stonework Services from Edinburgh Stonemasons

Looking for Stonemasons based in Edinburgh Scotland who are sympathetic towards traditional construction methods? Lime is one of the most important binding components when it comes to the conservation and preservation of older buildings.

Did you know that failure to allow an old building to ‘breathe’ can cause dampness, deterioration, mould growth and human health problems?

Edinburgh Stonemasons Lime Binding Building Conservation Stonemasonry Services

Have a chat with us if you are thinking about doing repairs to an old building, as it’s wise to use materials with similar properties to those used originally and this is where our expertise and help will be valuable to any restoration work you are intent on having done.

Get In Touch and chat your old building restoration plans with us.


Stonemasonry FAQ

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We charge £35 to £45ph per man depending on type of stone works  required 

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Stonemasonry in Edinburgh and over Scotland

A stonemason carving a piece of stone on a historic building


There are a number of property owners in Scotland who have very high buildings and maybe under the impression that the only way to conduct maintenance on that building is by erecting scaffolding.

And if you have already been exploring costs with scaffolding companies or roofers you might be finding out already that going down the path of erecting scaffolding could be costly.

So, is there a cheaper solution and best alternative to scaffolding? The answer is a definite YES!.

But would you as an owner of a high rise building requiring maintenance thought of searching for an Industrial Edinburgh Rope Access Team?

ESM is a specialist industrial rope access team here at Edinburgh Stonemasons ltd who complete work for commercial and private clients who have very high buildings where access to sections is awkward and could be reached easier by using an Industrial Rope Access team.

                       Insurance Works 

ESM doesn’t just deliver Rope Access services in Edinburgh. Wherever you happen to have a very high building and need a specialist rope access team, then

why not get in touch with ESM who can dispatch their rope access specialists throughout Scotland.

Talk to us about our specialist rope access 24/7 emergency team in case you require urgent works.

Roofing Work with no need for Expensive Scaffolding   

Edinburgh Rope Access  have highly trained stonemasons and roofers trained in rope access abseilers techniques.

  • Slate Repairs
  • Gutter Repairs to tenement buildings 
  • Roof Inspections
  • Rope Access Roofing & maintenance works 
  • Pointing Works
  • Full Building Inspection
  • Building Cleaning
  • Bird Control
  • Gutter cleaning Edinburgh tenement buildings 

Rope Access from ESM is faster & cheaper solution to Scaffolding





Stone Extension & Stone New Builds

Edinburgh Stonemason have completed many stone extensions & Stone masonry in the Edinburgh area , we have highly skilled and experienced stonemason’s who can cut and dress the stone to any size and shape requested.



Edinburgh Stonemasons are Traditional Stonemasons in  Edinburgh area  your one stop shop for Traditional Masonry & Building Conservation & Structural alterations

We have highly skilled and experienced stone masons. Our most recent project was to strip and rebuild a Bay-window (170 stone),and a Vestibule (150 stone).

  • <Vestibule
  • Bay-Window
  • Chimneys
  • Stone Walling





Rope Access Building Inspection & Maintenance in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Rope Access teams are a specialist roofing rope access and building maintenance team of abseilers team that can carry out any roof repair  to a building without the need for scaffolding works

Our access methods and years of knowledge in the roofing industry provide an extremely quick means of us being able to tackle work on high buildings with awkward access so we can deal with your roofing problems and the safe knowledge of you know that the ESM team will carry out a professional roof repair, gutter repairs or small pointing works or gutter cleaning to tenements buildings, whether around the city center of Edinburgh or beyond.

Rope Access Roofing Techniques have been used to solve many a gutter repair by using a skilled member of the ESM team on the end of a rope. So, whether you need us to conduct slate repairs, brick repairs, mastic repairs, gutter cleaning or simply a building inspection of your High-Level tenement, then this team based in Edinburgh are going to be your cost-effective solution to scaffolding

  • All work done is fully photographed and reported back