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Stonemasons Fife – We cover the whole of Fife

Stonemasons Fife read our reviews  and find out  why we are the best stonemasons in Fife

We are based in the Midlothian area of Scotland and carry out stonemasons works all over Fife from Dunfermline to St Andrews,  All work is carried out is to the highest levels of quality. We purchase our stone from local stone suppliers , we have highly skilled and experienced local stonemason’s in Fife who can cut and dress the stone to any size and shape requested. We consider our self-experts in lime works  & masonry works

Stonemasons Fife specialize in the conservation and restoration of stone buildings and structures. We use traditional techniques and materials which incorporate today’s best practices used in Fife today. Our stonemasons are trained through the Scottish Lime Centre  and are experts in using lime mortar.


Latest Projects


Lithomex Stone Repairs Fife,

Lithomex Stone Repairs Fife are applied to existing masonry units were the surface of the existing stone has deteriorated but is still structural intact. Lithomex has high vapor permeability, low modulus of elasticity, excellent bond characteristics and achieves early freeze-thaw resistance. Stone repairs Fife develops early strength but not such that it becomes stronger than the background.

Stone repairs Fife and restoration mortar, Specially formulated mortar based on Natural Hydraulic Lime and aggregates for the repair or simulation of masonry, brick or stone. stone repair Fife is a custom coloured mortar supplied.

Wall Repairs in Fife

Stone wall & boundary walls repairs  in Fife are paying careful attention to stone type, construction style and pointing, repaired walls are matched to original and new walls are built to our client’s requirement please chack our wall repairs works .

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    Edinburgh Stonemasons LTD specialise in the conservation and restoration of stone buildings and structures.

    We pride ourself in been traditional stonemasons & experts in using lime mortar

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    Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd

    T: 0131 261 6602
    A: 10 South Saint, Andrew Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AZ

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