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National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland – High Level Building Survey

Edinburgh Stonemasons Ltd were commissioned to carry out a stone inspection on the National Museum of Scotland, using rope access as a fast and safe means of access.  The work was carried out by three of our trained stonemasons who also specialise in rope access.  We were able to reduce the cost of the work carried out due to the utilisation of rope access against what it would have cost to have scaffolding erected.

Our initial inspection involved conducting an exterior condition building survey to identify areas that required repairing/replacement.  We inspected the building from the ground and also from the ropes, to ensure that we got up close and identified all areas of concern.  By approaching the survey in this manner, we ensured that we were able to carry out an effective survey overall, utilising our expertise and years of experience in building conservation


National Museum of Scotland 


Physical video Inspection